Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bob Dylan and the Press

This a reason why the video before is funny. Bob Dylan and how he dealt with the press. He had fun with them. How many protest singers are there? Uhh either 136 or 142. The reporter wanting him to suck his glasses. His own fans booing him just because his music had changed. Later, greatly, he takes pictures of the photographers taking pictures of him. Fans calling him a bum and then asking for his autograph. Fame is not all its hyped up to be. He was the complete opposite of The Beatles relationship with the media. Even more so than the Stones were. Dylan went right after reporters. How would you feel answering the same questions over and over again, by people who have never heard your music. Trying to label you or trying to put you into a category, when you just want to let your music speak for itself. A good poet never reveals the meaning behind his works.

Walk Hard: Royal Jelly

A hilarious clip from Walk Hard that tastefully makes fun of Bob Dylan. This movie is amazing on so many levels. They have the Beatles and Elvis as well. Just a great movie in response to all the serious music movies. It's this generation's Spinal Tap. That's something to say. Go out to the closest movie store, buy or rent this film, watch it, lock it in the closet for 1 year, then watch it again. It will change your life. On another note, freshman year of college is done for me. I'm filled with mixed feelings, or maybe I just have to use the toilet. Anyways, keep on truckin.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Brightest Diamond: The Gentlest Gentleman

My Brightest Diamond - The Gentlest Gentleman from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo.

I was lucky enough to see Shara Worden and My Brightest Diamond open up for Sufjan Stevens at the Murat. She then came out and played with Sufjan and his 20 person band or whatever he had. They were great at the very least. Her voice just sang right through me then and she can still sing right through you now. Just like any great voice, she makes you want to listen. Whether she is singing about "The Gentlest Gentleman" or trying to save horses from going to the glue factory, she can pull off both miraculously. This video comes from The LaundroMatinee folks. Thank you.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 Days

That was just a look back at how happy we all were the night Obama was elected. Everyone was ecstatic because we knew there was going to be change. I remember telling my son, "Son, this is the day that things have changed."

Okay, through the jokes, I don't know what Obama is doing. What is it with tripling our debt, blaming America first, TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States), French President saying Obama is weak and meek, North Korea shooting off missiles, Chavez saying Obama is nothing more than an ignoramous. I thought he was going to talk to everyone and sing Kumbaya. Well, he hasn't talked his way into friendships with countries that don't like us, but he has in the process, alienated his own country. A friend said it best, yes a COLLEGE friend who goes to a liberal university: "With this economy, it'll be hard to feed my own family, but if we do what Obama wants, I'll have to feed 10 families." The point is that the people in a Democracy shouldn't feel powerless. But yet, that is exactly how I feel. The people tried to do something with the Tea Parties on Tax Day. On every station but the "ultra right wing" FoxNews, they were looked at to be "not very many black people and angry mean spirited republicans." The media can control a lot. Which is why I am glad that FoxNews kills everyone in ratings. Hopefully, people will turn on their brains, take off their blindfolds and realize what is going on. I'm sorry but I have to go, for writing this pisses me off. That is why I put up some videos to laugh at. South Park is amazing. Enough said. It may not be for everyone just because it may get you in trouble with your significant other. But in private, closed doors, or when they go to sleep and you get up and act like you have to use the restroom, you can sneak a peak at some hilarious clips. Enjoy them, and enjoy your life...cereal. Mmmm.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Family Guy: Kirk Cameron

This clip by popular demand. Some say it is one of the best lines in Family Guy. It's at the very end. Enjoy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jimi Hendrix: Like A Rolling Stone

Yes, there are going to be words this time. The last post was just to show that he was the best guitar player ever. If there was any doubt in your mind, that he couldn't do much without the electric sounds, that should put them to rest. Now, I knew Hendrix was a lefty, but I never knew that he used a right handed guitar. The reason because, he like to have the knobs on the top, where he could use them easier. He used his guitars as an electrical instrument, not just a musical instrument. Hendrix was just amazing. He loved Bob Dylan as well, his hair was an homage to Dylan. He heard Dylan's voice and got confidence to sing himself. Story goes, Hendrix used to have his girlfriends listen to Dylan records. They'd be almost annoyed like "I get it, I get it." But Hendrix would keep playing it, and say "No, no, keep listening." You have heard Hendrix's cover All Along the Watchtower, which was originally Dylan's. And also Dylan's favorite cover of one of his songs. But here is Like a Rolling Stone. Enjoy.